Monday, July 13, 2009

Pincushions - Felt cakes

What flavors do you like?
Chocolate & Strawberry:
Chocolate & Banana: Coffee & Orange:
Strawberry: Lemon: Grape:
Banana & Caramel:


  1. Hi,

    I bought some of your pincusions at ARTE, and I love them :)
    But how many pincusions can someone have?!! The cake slices are so pretty.
    for the previous post, how much do you sell the sewing box?
    And do you do any classes?

    Best Regars,

  2. Hello Dear Shyma!

    I was very happy to see you here and to know that you enjoy my craftwork, Thank you!!!:)))
    I love pincushions too, and I have a collection, one for each day of the week!..hehehe
    The sewing box is all handmade and the price is 70 dirhans. It's complete: with needle set, pin set, threads, small scissors, buttons and one measure tape. I'm preparing more for the next fair, because I sold all boxes, last Arte Soukh.
    I don't have classes coming soon, because I moved to Abu Dhabi. I'm sorry!!!:(
    Have a nice week!!!



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