Friday, May 21, 2010

Camel Necessaires

Necessaire to store coins, made of fabric with quilt and implementation of a camel in felt embroidery by hand!

Made to order for the birth of a beautiful girl named Ana Clara!!!

Orders by email:

Carine Calé

Baby Delivery - Camel Keyrings

Ana Clara is a beautiful newborn baby, the daughter of a Brazilian friend like me and who also lives here in the UAE, she is Mother of a beautiful boy named Ricardo and the arrival of their Princess asked me to prepare souvenirs and color pink and with the theme here, Camel. That was how they came keyrings and romantic, feminine and stylish Arabic, "Emirates Camel "!

I wish for the long-awaited Ana Clara, newcomer to the real world, which is very happy, full of health and may God always bless her and all her dear family!!!
Decorated basket...

Orders by email:

Carine Calé

UAE Key Rings

Another order of keyrings, they are also to Anna from Dubai, a dear friend.
They are heart-shaped key chains and flags the colors of the flag of the Emirates, made of felt, with pebbles and ribbons. All were hand-embroidered by myself.

Carine Calé

Brazilian Key Rings

This order was made for a dear friend who lives in Dubai, she loves to gift your friends with these flags of Brazil and the seen they love to receive as well because this is already the second time that she order, which makes me super happy.

Keyrings are those made from felt with two faces, all sewn by hand. Just out of curiosity: I take 2hs to make each one, yep, long time, but just to know they cheer people worth it! :)

Orders by email:

Carine Calé

Project Bento!

The Project Bento was the first job I did all turned the birth of a baby, I participated from the very beginning, months during pregnancy and realized for the room decor items and souvenirs. Was idealized by Paty (mom) and Marcelo (dad), who is a pilot, which is why he was chosen the theme "Aviator" for the bear. Nurture and develop every detail lovingly. The baby was born Bento gorgeous, super healthy and strong, has completed a month, has a lovely room and a family and friends who love him very much.

I was immensely happy to participate in this project, knowing that I could meet the expectations of the family! ... this is what makes me more and more perfect my craftwork!


Kites with letter "B " ... Aviator Teddy Bear:Decorated Basket :
Tags: Utility baby basket:
Decorated wood letters:
Door decoration - Aviator Teddy Bear, all handmade with felt!
Carine Calé

Bags to carry dolls

Here is my latest creation, yesterday was needing to do some crafts and so came a pouch type motherhood, the girls take their dolls for a stroll.
Made by me in 100% cotton fabric, all materials of excellent quality. Lined inside with acrylic blanket and mesh to make it fluffy. Has a handle easy to carry, such as kangaroo or side. A special detail is that it possesses a bag of fabric embedded inside, so that everything is well tucked

Specially made for Gigi and Gaby :)

Carine Calé


These are birthday gifts made to order. They are characters from a classic of Brazilian literature, adored by children, named "Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo".

Visconde de Sabugosa:
Visconde, Saci e Emília:
Elastic hair and tiara:
Carine Calé

Dora Elastic Hair

Dora elastic hair, all handmade by myself!
Made to order
Carine Calé

Dora and Boots

Pen decorated all handmade with two different faces

Dora: Boots: Made to order

Carine Calé

Baby Basket

Basket utilities baby, with fabric cover made by me!
Carine Calé

Wood Letters

Letters in wood decorated with felt, embroidered by me.

Carine Calé


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