Friday, May 21, 2010

Project Bento!

The Project Bento was the first job I did all turned the birth of a baby, I participated from the very beginning, months during pregnancy and realized for the room decor items and souvenirs. Was idealized by Paty (mom) and Marcelo (dad), who is a pilot, which is why he was chosen the theme "Aviator" for the bear. Nurture and develop every detail lovingly. The baby was born Bento gorgeous, super healthy and strong, has completed a month, has a lovely room and a family and friends who love him very much.

I was immensely happy to participate in this project, knowing that I could meet the expectations of the family! ... this is what makes me more and more perfect my craftwork!


Kites with letter "B " ... Aviator Teddy Bear:Decorated Basket :
Tags: Utility baby basket:
Decorated wood letters:
Door decoration - Aviator Teddy Bear, all handmade with felt!
Carine Calé

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